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  2. What were the Sumerian social classes? | Reference.com

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    02.11.2017 · There were four Sumerian social classes: priests, the upper class, the lower class and slaves. In some cases, it was possible to identify who belonged to ...

  3. Sumerian Social System - Crystalinks


    Social Classes: - Upper class ... the Sumerians undertook the stupendous task of building embankments to control the floodwaters of the Euphrates River.

  4. Ancient Sumer, classes of people - Mesopotamia for Kids


    Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids Classes. ... Sumerians did keep slaves. When they defeated another town or tribe in battle they would bring back the prisoners as slaves.

  5. Social Structure: Remember Your Class - The Sumerian …


    Social structure splits us into groups depending on our jobs. Different people have different classes.

  6. What were the social classes of the ancient sumerians?

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    20.10.2017 · Several classes of people lived in Sumer. At the top was an upper class, which included priests, land owners, and government officials.

  7. Mesopotamia Social Classes


    The social classes in Ancient Mesopotamia fit into the basic three classifications: lower, middle, and upper class. It was possible to move up classes from birth ...

  8. Ancient Mesopotamia ,Social Structure,social


    Ancient Mesopotamia Social Structure,Social Structure,social pyramid,king,farmers,slaves,traders

  9. What Were the Social Classes in Mesopotamia in Ancient ...


    20.10.2017 · The civilization in Mesopotamia was ruled by kings and had a straightforward social structure divided into four classes.

  10. Sumerians social structure by Juliana Gonzalez on Prezi


    16.09.2016 · Sumerians social structure by: Juliana Gonzalez Guillen who were the traders, ... Social classes of the Sumerians priest, army commanders,nobles Gods

  11. Societal hierarchy, Ancient Sumer Part A, Ancient ...


    29.10.2017 · Societal hierarchy, ... These tablets not only tell us that the Sumerians ... Sumerian society was thought to have been made up of four social classes ...